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We recommend using Nature for nest box camera systems
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We originally started CamNest because it was impossible to buy a system that provided a reasonable quality picture for a reasonable price but now you can get the whole system (with a not too good camera) from some supermarkets for under 40 and a reasonable quality system for around 90.
Our reason for doing it all has gone and we now have a different focus ourselves. A few years ago we grabbed an opportunity to buy a large house in the mountains in the south of France to live there and run 2 gtes (holiday rentals) see if you are interested.
For the birds around us here in France have a look at here unfortunately the local vultures are too big for our bird boxes.

Best wishes, happy bird watching, and thank you for your support over the last 9 years.

We recommend you use Nature for nest box camera systems and accessories.

Lionel & Peggy

This website also links to bird boxes that used to be in our garden (see the "Diary" entries on the left). Our first nesting box was built and installed in January 2005 to watch Blue tits nesting. See Peggy's 2005, 2006 and 2009 diary pages for details of nesting activities.

If you are interested in vultures (yes, vultures!), they regularly fly over our French Gte. Click on the green looking link on the left.

On the right is a video we recorded in mid April showing a robin building a nest in less than a day. We were amazed at the speed she built it, but will her mate like it?
On the right is a video, recorded in early March, of a pair of blue tits inspecting one of our customers' nesting boxes in Scotland. To see more videos and read Shirl's Garden Watch blog click here.

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